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Sharks Special Events celebrate fans that share a common interest!  With the purchase of a Special Event ticket, fans receive an exclusive, unique promotional item.  In most cases, a portion of the ticket price will go to a charity associated with the Special Event and will have access to Special Event-related contests.

All giveaway items listed below are only available with the purchase of a special event ticket.


11/20 College Night
11/22 American Diabetes Night
11/26 Military Night
12/9 Jewish Heritage Night
12/11 Latino Heritage Night
12/13 Scout Night
12/20 Fellowship Night
1/3 Mental Wellness Night
1/17 Scout Night
1/21 Metallica Night
1/29 Filipino Heritage Night
2/2 80's Night
2/7 Golf Night
12/11 Save-A-Shark Night
2/15 Scout Night
2/28 Chive Night
3/2 First Responders Night
3/7 Equality Night
3/12 Irish Heritage Night
3/14 NCGA Night
4/1 Operation Surf Night

4/3 Scout Night

Operation Surf Night with the Sharks

Wednesday, April 1
Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche - 7:30 PM

Use offer code: OPERATIONSURF
Upper Reserve Tickets: $49 and $44
Join the Sharks and Operation Surf in raising funds for a worthy cause! A portion of the proceeds directly benefits Operation Surf. Each ticket includes a commemorative Operation Surf cap and a portion of the proceeds directly benefits this worthy cause! Save up to $15 per ticket!
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Scout Night

Friday, April 3
Sharks vs. Arizona Coyotes - 7PM

Use offer code: SCOUTS
Lower Level Tickets: $50
Upper Level Tickets: $30
The San Jose Sharks final Scout Night of the season is here and you don’t want to miss this last chance to take advantage of a special Scout Night discount! Each ticket includes a commemorative patch and a portion of the proceeds directly benefit the Girl Scouts of Northern California
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