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Ask the Sharks: Clowe's Answers

You sent in your questions and we asked Clowe the best ones

Sunday, 11.21.2010 / 9:00 AM PT / News
By Carrie Carstens  - Internet Services Assistant
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Ask the Sharks: Clowe\'s Answers
Sharks alternate captain Ryane Clowe has consistently improved his game year after year. The 28-year-old left wing has recorded 10 points (2-8=10) in the last six games, including a four-game point streak (2-6=8).

In this week’s Ask the Sharks, you wanted to know about Ryane’s greatest achievements, his leadership techniques and how he keeps the team focused. In the answers below, Clowe also reveals what he’s most afraid of and how one fan isn’t impressed with how he does his laundry.

1. Who has been the most influential person in your life growing up (family or friends) ... someone you looked up to and admired?—Lisa
My parents. They are the ones who had to sacrifice when I was younger, they had to drive me to practice and games, so probably my parents and my two sisters.

2. You do not seem to have a ‘Newfoundland accent’ when I hear you speak. Why not?—Jamie
I don’t know. I moved away when I was 17. I lived in Quebec for a few years when I first moved away and just kind of lost it. I definitely think when first moved away I had an accent, but I’m only back there a couple months during the summer so I kind of lost it a bit. But when I’m around my buddies I kind of have it a little more.

3. How do you feel about being the tallest player on the San Jose Sharks?—Pravin
I don’t know if I am the tallest. I think Frazer McLaren might be taller than me. I was always short growing up. I actually used to get cut from hockey teams because the coach would tell me that I was too small. I had a growth spurt later in high school. I’m about 6’2.” It’s good to be tall, especially in this league, it’s definitely an advantage.

4. Congratulations on being named an Alternate Captain! How would you describe your leadership style and what do you do to keep the team focused during the game?—Steve
I think just because I’m wearing an “A” isn’t really going to change anything I do. I’m kind of a vocal guy and an intense guy. I like to keep the guys focused and ready. I talk in the locker room and I talk on the bench. But words don’t mean much if you don’t back them up, so I play physical on the ice and lead that way. Hopefully the guys will follow along. But that was a great honor this year.

5. It’s great that you are a Giants fan. Do you see any similarities between the Giants and the Sharks teams this year?—RKelly
I think the Giants are expected to try to make the playoffs but to make that run they did was awesome. I wasn’t sure if they were going to make it all the way this year, but obviously it was an awesome run. We made a pretty good run last year so we’ve got pressure to get back there. Obviously the goal is to win the cup. We want to have another one of those parades.

6. What is your favorite hobby during the offseason, and what do you think you'll do when retirement comes along?
Probably like most guys, my favorite hobby is golf. Whenever I get a chance I like to get out there and enjoy the weather. When I’m done playing hockey, I’d probably like to try and get into the management side of the game. I love coming to the rink every day and being part of the hockey life, so I think I’ll stay involved.

7. What's your biggest fear?
I definitely would have to say heights. I never realized I was scared of heights until a couple years ago when we had to do some team bonding stuff that involved being up high. Heights are my biggest fear now.

8. Who is your road roommate and what is a pet peeve about them?
It’s been Frazer McLaren this year. We’ve only been on a couple of road trips and haven’t spent that much time together, so it’s tough to say any pet peeves. He’s a pretty good roommate. He likes to sleep a lot like I do, and he’s pretty laid back so I think we’ll get along well.

9.What is the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you?
I don’t know how crazy this is but it was pretty funny. A couple of weeks ago, I had a stain on my shirt after practice. A fan told me that he’d seen that stain the day before and I should probably just wash that shirt.

10. Other than becoming a successful athlete, what is another one of your greatest achievements?—Kittie
I’d have to say being a proud father. I had a daughter 10 months ago and it’s been unbelievable. I don’t know if that’s an achievement but it’s something I’m very proud of.

11. What is your favorite iPod App?—Laura
I got an iPod this year and I’ve got a few apps on it. I think the one that I use the most is “Slice It.” It’s a game where you have to try to slice a bunch of squares and triangles. It’s one of those games that gets addicting. I saw it was one of the most popular, so I tried it and liked it.




1 z - ANA 82 51 24 7 228 221 109
2 y - STL 82 51 24 7 239 197 109
3 x - NSH 82 47 25 10 226 202 104
4 x - CHI 82 48 28 6 220 186 102
5 x - VAN 82 48 29 5 236 220 101
6 x - MIN 82 46 28 8 227 198 100
7 x - WPG 82 43 26 13 223 204 99
8 x - CGY 82 45 30 7 237 213 97
9 LAK 82 40 27 15 218 197 95
10 DAL 82 41 31 10 257 257 92
11 COL 82 39 31 12 209 223 90
12 SJS 82 40 33 9 224 226 89
13 EDM 82 24 44 14 193 276 62
14 ARI 82 24 50 8 165 267 56


J. Pavelski 82 37 33 12 70
L. Couture 82 27 40 -6 67
J. Thornton 78 16 49 -4 65
B. Burns 82 17 43 -9 60
P. Marleau 82 19 38 -17 57
T. Wingels 75 15 21 -7 36
T. Hertl 82 13 18 -5 31
M. Nieto 72 10 17 -12 27
M. Karlsson 53 13 11 -3 24
M. Vlasic 70 9 14 12 23
A. Niemi 31 23 7 .914 2.59
A. Stalock 8 9 2 .902 2.62
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