Twitter Tales: #Hattyfor3

Wednesday, 03.26.2014 / 10:20 PM
Patrick Hooper


The Sharks are in the playoffs for the 10th consecutive season, but they clinched in very anti-climactic fashion... a shootout loss to the Flames. So the day after, they visited the Oilers prepared to salvage a quick trip through Alberta with sights set on claiming home-ice advantage in the playoffs.

Twitter steals preview tweets.



Fifty-nine saves is still fresh on everyone's minds.



First Period



The Oilers, coming off of a 8-1 loss to their provincial rivals in their previous contest, were determined out of the gate against the Sharks.



Second Period



But wait, there's more!



It's snipe city and a 3-1 lead before the period can come to an end.





Third Period

Can you be perfect?





I'll have a hatty!





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