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Friday's Baker's Dozen - 6/1/2012

Friday, 06.01.2012 / 8:34 AM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Radio, Color Commentator / The Daily Chomp
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The Daily Chomp
Friday\'s Baker\'s Dozen - 6\/1\/2012

Time for my weekly Baker's Dozen.
  1. Winning the Cup has never been easier because the salary cap has created parity and any team making the playoffs has a chance to win the Cup. Winning the Cup has never been harder because so many teams have a viable, legitimate chance. It’s great for hockey and makes the playoffs unpredictable from year to year.

  2. Who to cheer for? I think it would be great for hockey in California, the Pacific Division, the Western Conference and pacific standard time zone teams if the Kings win despite the fact they are huge rivals to the Sharks. The only team I would actually like to see win the Cup other than the Sharks is Ottawa because it’s my hometown. Otherwise it’s addition by subtraction or for some other hockey related reason. Plus, I know all the broadcasters for the Kings and they are great guys and I would be thrilled for them.
    #Miller #Nickson #Fox #Evans

  3. NHLcom staff, International staff and Hockey Analysts made their predictions on who wins the Stanley Cup. A total of 23 individuals made their picks. 12 picked the Devils and 11 picked LA. Now that just shows you how close these teams are and everyone agreed that it would likely be a long series that goes 6 or 7 games.

  4. When it comes to Nicklas Lidstrom hockey fans know about the 7 Norris trophies, 4 Stanley Cups and other stats. You can see more of his amazing stats by clicking on this link. Here are some other stats you might not know about:

    • He was +40 or higher 4 times in his career (+43 in 93/94 and +40 in 02/03, 06/07, 07/08)
    • In 4 games at the Cow Palace he had 1G, 1A, 2PTS, +1 and had 9 shots
    • In 33 games at HP Pavilion he had 7G, 22A, 29PTS, +5 and had 75 shots
    • The only building other than HP Pavilion (not including Joe Louis) where he had more points is the United Center in Chicago where he had 41 points. (He had 5PTS in 11 games at Chicago Stadium.)
    • Including neutral site arenas he has played in 56 different arenas
    • In 937 wins he had 205G, 647A, 852PTS, +768 and took 2,272 shots
    • Took 3,875 shots in his career
    • Played 80 or more games in 14 seasons


  5. Devils head coach Peter DeBoer after New Jersey's Game 1 defeat to LA: "The comforting thing for me is when I listen to the comments of our players last night, they were dead-on, we weren't good enough. We have to be better. We got over the early-game jitters. We started to play a little bit better. But, you know, as a group, we've got to bring more to win this time of year."

  6. So I did a TwitPolls on Twitter this week asking what team people were cheering for. Here is a sampling of some of the responses from Sharks fans:

    @rcz115 - “I gotta go with the California team even though they are rivals. #Kings”
    @mag4sharks - “go pacific division. #Kings”
    @Teresa_DLC - “it would validate CA hockey just a li’l bit more (even though I would hate to be the only CA team without one) #Kings”
    @rosendo_g - “Sharks fan here rooting for our rival. Maybe it will give the pacific some respect from the national media. #Kings”

    @bibbsgoalie68 - “#Devils cause I #hateLAkings”
    @HawgRider57 - “#Devils!! Can’t support LA anything!!”
    @DrummerCenzo - “There should be no hesitation for Sharks fans, go #Devils!!”
    @bblasy61 - “I want the #Devils because I want the #SJSharks to win the Cup before the #Kings”

    @skilletgirlhot - “The correct answer is #SJ Sharks”
    @Sharks3376 - “Hockey season was done the day the Sharks were eliminated. Let’s go A’s!!”
    @sfpatriot - “Don’t care who wins the Cup. I don’t like #Kings or #Devils so I root against both of them!”

  7. BakesTakes13 shows a video of who else, Nicklas Lidstrom:


  8. Best defenseman to ever play was Bobby Orr. Now you can argue who is #2. Or better yet, the top 5.

  9. Here is a good article from Wayne Scanlon of the Ottawa Citizen. In it he has some good insight and quotes from Sharks GM Doug Wilson.

  10. On Sunday the Devils will fly to LA. It will be June 3. It will be the first time they have been on a plane since April 26. True stat and another reason why I want to see a Western Conference, Pacific Division team win the Cup.

  11. Yesterday I was asked a hockey question that no one had ever asked before. The question was, "Have you ever used a knuckle puck?" Apparently my concussions have taken their toll because I had no idea what he was asking until I was told it was in the Might Ducks movies. Which begs the question, what is the best hockey movie of all time? I know my answer isn’t The Mighty Ducks.

  12. A great summer workout is standup paddling boarding. It’s great for the core, legs, glutes and shoulders/arms. Plus, nothing like being out on the water on a nice summer day.

  13. Here’s my story on how accurate Lidstrom is with his slapshot. When I was playing with the Leafs we had a game in Detroit. I was on the ice for the PK. Lidstrom takes a slapshot and it hits my right skate. I fall. I get up, but I am clearly in a lot of pain as I am limping around out there. Detroit maintains control of the puck. It goes back to Lidstrom who takes another slapshot. It hits me in the left skate. I go down, again. I try and get up, but can’t at first because I don’t know what foot is less sore. I finally start to get up and head to the bench with much laughter from the players because I looked like a penguin wobbling from side to side. The trainer was waiting at the door when I got to the bench and he helped me off the ice as I collapsed on the bench.

    You can’t take your skates off because the swelling begins immediately so I just sat there in double foot agony for a while. I did play later in that period and finished the game. After our flight home that night back to Toronto, the swelling had finally set in and I couldn’t use crutches yet because neither foot could handle the load bearing. So two of my teammates carried me to my car. Getting in my house was a chore with me climbing up the stairs (wooden I might add) on my knees. It was a sleepless night with the pulsing in both feet but I did manage to get back in the lineup a few days later because nothing was broken.

    That’s my Nicklas Lidstrom story. In all my years in hockey only one player picked off both my feet on the same shift with slapshots – and I get to say it was one of the greatest defenseman that ever played the game.
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1 z - ANA 82 54 20 8 266 209 116
2 y - COL 82 52 22 8 250 220 112
3 x - STL 82 52 23 7 248 191 111
4 x - SJS 82 51 22 9 249 200 111
5 x - CHI 82 46 21 15 267 220 107
6 x - LAK 82 46 28 8 206 174 100
7 x - MIN 82 43 27 12 207 206 98
8 x - DAL 82 40 31 11 235 228 91
9 PHX 82 37 30 15 216 231 89
10 NSH 82 38 32 12 216 242 88
11 WPG 82 37 35 10 227 237 84
12 VAN 82 36 35 11 196 223 83
13 CGY 82 35 40 7 209 241 77
14 EDM 82 29 44 9 203 270 67


J. Pavelski 82 41 38 23 79
J. Thornton 82 11 65 20 76
P. Marleau 82 33 37 0 70
L. Couture 65 23 31 21 54
B. Burns 69 22 26 26 48
T. Wingels 77 16 22 11 38
D. Boyle 75 12 24 -8 36
J. Demers 75 5 29 14 34
T. Hertl 37 15 10 11 25
M. Nieto 66 10 14 -4 24
A. Stalock 12 5 2 .932 1.87
A. Niemi 39 17 7 .913 2.39
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