POSTED ON Monday, 01.30.2012 / 12:09 PM PT

Here is The Daily Chomp's Monday Mailbag answering your questions sent in by Twitter (tweet @SanJoseSharks using #AskSJS), Facebook, or email.

Q: On Ferriero’s goal vs Calgary, did he close his glove on it? What's the rule on that...
- Stephane D.

TDC: On Tuesday, January 24 at Calgary, Benn Ferriero scored the only goal of the game in a 1-0 shutout win for the Sharks. It was midway through the third period that Ferriero found himself in the crease behind the goalie as a rebounding puck bounced above his head. In the scoring effort, Ferriero quickly grabbed the puck out the air and dropped it to the ice where he had the opportunity to shoot the puck in the defenseless net. It was a talented display of quick hand-eye coordination. Watch it again here:

Rule 67.2 of the NHL Rule Book answers the posed question

A player shall be permitted to catch the puck out of the air but must immediately place it or knock it down to the ice. If he catches it and skates with it, either to avoid a check or to gain a territorial advantage over his opponent, a minor penalty shall be assessed for “closing his hand on the puck”.

Q: If the Sharks had scored 2 (or more) goals on that 5-minute major, would the stat sheet show them being "2 for 1" on the power play? How is that calculated for Major penalties?
- Brian D.

TDC: On Monday, January 23 at Edmonton, Oilers forward Ales Hemsky was assessed a five minute major penalty for kneeing at 5:37 of the third period. Hemsky was also given a game misconduct, ejecting him from the game. Hemsky's teammate, Teemu Hartikainen, was sent to the box to serve the five minute penalty. According to NHL Rule 20.2, the Sharks were to skate with a man-advantage for the full duration of the five minute major. 

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In the month of December, unveiled a new daily blog meant to keep Sharks fans up to date with events and news items about their team and throughout the sport of hockey.

To help give fans ownership over the blog, there was a contest held to have fans help name the new feature. After nearly 200 submitted names, The Daily Chomp quickly rose to the top of the list as a finalist and it was later voted as the new name of the Sharks official blog. Five Sharks fans suggested "The Daily Chomp". They were each invited  to a Sharks game and asked to share their experience in the blog they helped name. Here are the first three winners of the Sharks Blog Name Contest:


My love for San Jose hockey started off in 1992 while watching a group of rag tag players with hopes to win a championship. No, it wasn't the Sharks team led by baby-faced Doug Wilson and goal-tended by "Like Wall" Arturs Irbe. Instead it was a team coached by baby-faced Gordon Bombay and goal-tended by "Like Donut" Goldberg. While unfortunate because it spawned the much despised Anaheim Sucks (intentional typo), The Mighty Ducks' movie series brought hockey into my life. It turned my baseball mitt into a goalie glove, local tennis courts into roller hockey rinks, and every chance to shoot the puck into a knuckle-puck.

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1 LAK 52 32 17 3 144 119 67
2 SJS 52 28 20 4 149 138 60
3 ANA 52 26 19 7 117 122 59
4 VAN 54 22 20 12 125 144 56
5 ARI 53 24 23 6 139 163 54
6 CGY 52 24 25 3 138 151 51
7 EDM 55 21 29 5 133 166 47


J. Pavelski 52 25 27 18 52
J. Thornton 52 12 34 17 46
B. Burns 52 18 26 -13 44
P. Marleau 52 16 17 -16 33
J. Ward 50 15 16 -10 31
M. Vlasic 49 7 22 10 29
T. Hertl 51 10 16 5 26
J. Donskoi 47 8 15 0 23
J. Braun 50 1 17 10 18
C. Tierney 50 6 10 -8 16
M. Jones 25 15 3 .915 2.38
A. Stalock 3 5 1 .894 2.76
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