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POSTED ON Tuesday, 05.14.2013 / 12:54 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

It’s official. The Sharks will open the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Tuesday night at 7 (PDT) in Los Angeles on NBC Sportsnet and the Sharks Radio Network. On a “pick your poison” night Sunday, when the outcome of game 7 between Detroit and Anaheim determined if it would be Chicago or the Kings, the Sharks got the defending Cup champions. And I love the matchup. What’s not to love?

If the Red Wings are the Sharks top rival thanks to all of their playoff series over the years, the Kings are rival #2. This series could change that. It’s Thornton vs Doughty, Couture vs Kopitar, Marleau vs Carter, Pavelski vs Richards, Niemi vs Quick and Torres vs ummm (any volunteers?)

And the storylines don’t end there. Kings GM Dean Lombardi and Head Coach Darryl Sutter spent many years with the Sharks. Now they go head to head with their old club in the playoffs.

The Sharks are actually the last team to beat LA in a playoff series. But don’t mistake this version of the Kings with the one that lost in 6 games two years. The personnel are much better, there’s a different coach, and oh ya, they won the Cup last June!

But then again these aren’t “those” Sharks either. So far “these” Sharks have shown to be an excellent defensive team with top-notch goaltending, solid special teams and scoring depth throughout the lineup. They also possess the kind of hunger to win a championship that the Kings enjoyed last spring.

It’s a series that has a chance to be a classic and to vault the Kings-Sharks rivalry to a whole new level. Tuesday night at 7 can’t come soon enough. Enjoy!

I’m Randy Hahn

POSTED ON Thursday, 05.09.2013 / 1:08 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

It’s good to be a Sharks fan today.

Where to start after such an amazing game Tuesday and a dominant performance by the Sharks in their first round series against the Canucks? Yes, two of the games went to overtime but there’s no question that the best team won. Four straight , no matter how you get there, is a statement. And the 2013 San Jose Sharks made a statement that they are a force to be reckoned with in these Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I must admit when Alex Burrows and Alex Edler scored twice in under 2 minutes in the third period to make the score 3-2 Vancouver, it looked like we might be heading back to British Columbia for game 5. In fact, during the next commercial break after that I asked Drew Remenda if he was packed, just in case we had to take another flight to Vancouver. My eloquent broadcast partner scoffed at the suggestion. He wasn’t prepared to consider that possibility. And he was right! Tommy Wingels absorbed an ill advised cross check from “Canadian” defenseman Kevin Bieksa to put the Sharks on the power play. And when Joe Pavelski tied the game on the power play it set the stage for Patrick Marleau’s series winner in overtime.

What a game and what a series. Game one featured the beginning of Logan Couture’s stunning run as he scored the first of what would be a series high tying 8 points. Raffi Torres had only one point in the 4 games but it was the OT winning goal in Game 2. “The Big” Pavelski, Couture and the power play fueled Game Three and Game Four was a combination of everything and everyone.

The ongoing backdrop all series long was the stellar play of team MVP Antti Niemi in goal, the penalty killing (90%), the domination in the faceoff circle, and the team’s solid overall defensive play.

What a great start! And now the Sharks get the benefit of rest as the rest of the West playoff teams keep on grinding. But it’s just a start. No matter who the Sharks play next it will be harder to win. But at least for a day or two they can enjoy this accomplishment and the rest of us hope they can do it again in round two.

I’m Randy Hahn.

POSTED ON Sunday, 05.05.2013 / 4:56 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

The Sharks are off to a great start in these playoffs. A win tonight in game 3 against Vancouver would put them in a 3-0 series lead. But there’s a long way to go and just like in the regular season there are going to be lots of ups and downs. At this time of the year it’s always good to revisit Bob Errey’s 16 tips to Stanley Cup playoff success.

Bob Errey, who is now a TV commentator for Pittsburgh, was a Stanley Cup winner with the Penguins as a player and was also captain of the Sharks in 1994 when they were matched up against the mighty Detroit Red Wings in the first round. Errey decided to write down his 16 points for playoff success.

1. It takes 16 WINS to win the Stanley Cup

2. 4 Wins per series

3. Never dwell on the past (good, bad, win, lose)

4. Never take anything for granted

5. One shift is as important as 20

6. Rest

7. Confidence

8. Momentum

9. Throw statistics out the window

10. Luck

11. Play bigger

12. Never retaliate

13. Get pucks out, get pucks in

14. Never out of a game (ie. high sticking major = 5 minute PP)

15. Have fun

16. Heart is more important than skill

POSTED ON Wednesday, 05.01.2013 / 12:16 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

So why exactly is this the best time of the year for NHL hockey fans?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs began last night with 3 Western Conference games. Two of the games went to overtime and the third wasn’t over until a Seeing Eye empty net goal by Anaheim’s Francois Beauchemin.

All three games were low scoring but tough and intense.

Fourth line tough guy Brian Bickell scored the OT winner for Chicago over Minnesota. It was the second time he’s done it in the playoffs. He’s never scored an OT winner in the regular season. Has he ever been on the ice in overtime in the regular season?

LA Kings goalie Jonathan Quick playes brilliantly for virtually the entire game in St. Louis and then committed the gaffe of all gaffes in OT when he mishandled the puck behind his net in overtime allowing Alex Steen to score the shorthanded game winner. I didn’t see that coming.

Minnesota’s #1 goalie Niklas Backstrom is injured in warm-up’s forcing backup Josh Harding to start the game in Chicago. Harding who suffers from multiple sclerosis hadn’t started a game since January 30th. He was terrific with 35 saves.

And then there’s Teemu Selanne. At 42, Selanne is the oldest active player in the league. He showed his stuff last night for the Ducks scoring his 11th career GWG in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

And that was all just on opening night!

Tonight, the Sharks and Canucks get to write their story line as they kick off their best of seven series in Canada.

It’s the best time of the year for NHL hockey fans because… is.

I’m Randy Hahn

POSTED ON Thursday, 04.25.2013 / 2:31 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

I received a curious envelope in the mail the other day. You know the kind where you don't recognize who or where it's from but you know it's important.

It was from a rental car company in Edmonton where I rented a vehicle on the Sharks last road trip to the Alberta capital. It seems that I was caught speeding, by a traffic camera. As you can see, the notice doesn't indicate how fast I was traveling.

I don't dispute that I was probably over the limit. As I recall "the great" Drew Remenda was in the car with me and we were almost certainly distracted breaking down the Sharks power play breakout. But when I took a closer look at the ticket, I was floored.

I was speeding on Wayne Gretzky Drive and my ticket was for 99 dollars. Either that's a planned thing so people don't feel so bad about paying the fine or its one of the greatest coincidences ever! Either way, for the first time in my life, I'm framing my speeding ticket.

I'm Randy Hahn.

POSTED ON Saturday, 04.20.2013 / 12:40 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

The San Jose Sharks outstanding Media Relations Department is required to prepare game notes before every Sharks home contest. The print and electronic media covering the game that night use this packet of statistics and player biographies to enhance their articles or their broadcasts.

As a rule the game notes are pretty much run of the mill. But that’s not the case with the Sharks game notes. They include a little something called “Fin Facts”. Fin Facts are the things you just didn’t know about the Sharks players and probably can’t find anywhere else. Here are my favorite Fin Facts from the current notes.

Thomas Greiss “An avid cyclist, he went of a mountain biking tour through Germany last summer.”

Antti Niemi “Believes he looks like Matt Damon.”

Jason Demers “Would be Schmidt from the TV show “New Girl” if he could be any character on TV”

Joe Pavelski “Grows a red beard even though he has brown hair.”

Martin Havlat “Thoroughly enjoyed Maroon 5’s song Payphone when it came out last summer.”

Patrick Marleau “His favorite Avenger is Iron Man, but he does not own an Iron Man suit. He also has an immense respect for The Hulk.”

POSTED ON Friday, 04.19.2013 / 1:09 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

We’ve all seen the popular “This is Sharks Territory” signs. So just where exactly do you suppose Sharks Territory is?

It used to be that you could draw a large circle on a map around HP Pavilion, toss in San Mateo and parts of Alameda county, and that was pretty much Sharks Territory. Not anymore.

As the race to the Stanley Cup Playoffs escalates NBC Sports Network and the NHL Network are picking up our Sharks telecasts and distributing them nationally. Combine this “wide” coverage with the ability to view games on the Internet and you get a whole different idea of where Sharks fans live.

Thursday night during the Sharks 6-1 win over Minnesota I got Twitter messages from viewers in Des Moines (Iowa), Prince Edward Island, Guadalajara (Mexico), Charleston (South Carolina), Fresno, Las Vegas, Lindsay (Texas), Bellingham (Washington), Omaha, Kamloops (British Columbia), Brazil, Montreal, Chico, Newfoundland, Finland and Bali!

As you can see, Sharks fans can literally be found all over the globe. It’s a blast to be connected to so many of you through our telecasts and the web. And the way the hockey team is playing at this important time of the season, life in Sharks Territory is pretty good.

I’m Randy Hahn

POSTED ON Monday, 04.15.2013 / 3:57 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

“The Sharks game tonight is huge!”

Get used to hearing that a lot between now and the end on the regular season April 27th. The Sharks have seven games remaining in this shortened 48 game NHL regular season. None of their remaining opponents have clinched a playoff spot yet, and none have been eliminated from contention. And oh yes, throw the Sharks into that group as well.

Tonight the Sharks visit the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s an especially crucial game for the Desert Dogs. Phoenix has 43 points, 4 points behind the 8th place Detroit Red Wings. After tonight the Coyotes have to travel to St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit. They absolutely cannot afford to slip up at home.

The Sharks path to the playoffs is simple. They just need to get to 54 or 55 points and they’ll be in. That means they need to win 3-4 of their remaining games and the more they win against teams behind them, like Phoenix, the better. With the LA Kings already in San Jose waiting to take on the Sharks Tuesday night at HP Pavilion, a win here in the desert tonight would be a big step toward cementing their post season position.

Like I said, the Sharks game tonight is huge!

I’m Randy Hahn

POSTED ON Wednesday, 04.10.2013 / 1:09 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / Great White Bites

Any regular viewer of Sharks broadcasts know that Drew Remenda and I do a brief segment that kicks off the Esurance Postgame Live (aka “The Brodie Brazil Show”) following every game. I’m not going to lie. It’s always an easier segment to do when the Sharks win, but it must be done win or lose.

Yesterday’s 4-0 loss in Columbus was tough. The Sharks never seemed to find their legs and the desperate Blue Jackets took full advantage. Drew and I never discuss ahead of time what we’re going to talk about on the post-game show. It’s a spontaneous and organic thing, like my hair.

Last night our “theme” if you want to call it that was that the Sharks have to move on. Of course there were mistakes made on the ice and the coaches will go over that and more at practice. But then it has to be over. In this crazy compressed season there’s no time to dwell on negatives or positives for that matter. The Red Wings are every bit as desperate as the Blue Jackets are and they will be a formidable opponent on Thursday at The Joe. We can moan all day about how the Sharks got it handed to them twice in Columbus this year but it won’t change the fact that preparing for Detroit is all that really matters now. Onward.

I’m Randy Hahn

POSTED ON Monday, 04.08.2013 / 1:16 PM
By Randy Hahn - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

So there you have it. It’s the end of a seven game win streak, a terrific if not perfect home stand and the start of another huge road trip for the Sharks. And what an important 8 game stretch it was. On March 23rd the Sharks lost 2-0 in Minnesota and were a tired hockey team having played 14 of their prior 19 games on the road. It was an exhausting grind that had them in 9th place in the West at 13-11-6 record and 32 points. But two nights later in Anaheim they beat the Ducks 5-3 and it would be the start of a profound turnaround to their season.

Fast forward to this morning as they boarded their charter flight for Columbus and the Sharks are now 20-11-7 with 47 points and they are 5th in the West, only a point behind 4th placed Los Angeles but more importantly 7 points clear of the dreaded 9th spot. Not a bad little run of 7 straight wins and 8 straights games with at least a point.





1 ANA 21 12 4 5 58 53 29
2 VAN 20 13 6 1 61 60 27
3 NSH 19 12 5 2 54 40 26
4 LAK 20 11 5 4 53 44 26
5 CGY 21 12 7 2 66 57 26
6 STL 19 12 6 1 50 39 25
7 CHI 19 11 7 1 55 39 23
8 WPG 21 10 8 3 43 47 23
9 SJS 22 10 9 3 59 60 23
10 MIN 18 11 7 0 53 41 22
11 ARI 20 8 10 2 49 62 18
12 DAL 20 7 9 4 56 68 18
13 COL 20 6 9 5 49 64 17
14 EDM 20 6 12 2 48 67 14


J. Thornton 22 7 13 3 20
J. Pavelski 22 8 10 3 18
L. Couture 22 8 10 0 18
B. Burns 22 7 11 -5 18
P. Marleau 22 6 12 -2 18
T. Wingels 22 5 5 -4 10
T. Hertl 22 4 6 1 10
J. Braun 22 0 7 8 7
M. Vlasic 22 2 4 10 6
M. Nieto 21 1 5 -2 6
A. Stalock 2 2 1 .925 2.38
A. Niemi 7 6 2 .917 2.56
Image Map