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POSTED ON Friday, 04.13.2012 / 12:50 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker's Dozen.
  1. Marty Havlat did in his first playoff game for the Sharks what only two players have done in Sharks history; score an overtime goal in a game that went beyond the first overtime. Game one against the Blues was only the sixth game in Sharks playoff history that went to double overtime or beyond. It was the fourth double overtime game while the Sharks have lost a triple overtime and a quadruple overtime game in their playoff history.

    Havlat joins Patrick Rissmiller who scored in double OT in game 1 against Nashville on April 11, 2007 and Ray Whitney who scored in double OT in game 7 against Calgary on May 19, 1995 as the only Sharks players to score in double OT.

  2. The Sharks as a franchise are 9-4 when winning the first game of a playoff series and 4-10 when losing the first game of the series. Like scoring the first goal in a game, winning that first game is very important.

  3. If winning the first game is so important, why do I often say the series doesn’t start until after the 1st game? Because that is when one team is desperate, angry, and will do anything to not go down 2-0 in the series. Games 2,3 and 4 are often the nastiest and meanest games in a series. Game 1 usually has a feeling out process and by the time you get to game five discipline becomes a huge deterrent for players to do something foolish on the ice.

  4. If the first two days of the playoffs are any indication we are going to enjoy a wild ride. There have been seven games and four of them have gone to ovetime.
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POSTED ON Friday, 04.6.2012 / 3:00 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. We got a taste of playoff hockey last night in LA and it’s only going to get better. Both teams really laid it on the line taking hits to make plays, blocking shots, getting punished in front of the net and doing whatever it takes to help your team win. We saw great moves, spectacular passes, great saves, phenomenal shots that led to goals and players showcasing the speed of the game with their tremendous skating.

  2. Love the idea of all 30 teams playing on the last day of the regular season. Because one team from each conference has to play against the other, why not have the previous two teams in the Stanley Cup play instead of the NY Islander at Columbus (who decided on that game by the way?). Wouldn’t Vancouver at Boston be a great way to finish up the regular season and kick off the playoffs?

  3. Last night in LA, for the first time in Sharks history two players, Clowe and Thornton, got Gordie Howe hat tricks in the same game. Jumbo had1 fight, 1 goal and 1 assist while Clowe had 2 fights, 1 goal and 1 assist.

    This is a good time to celebrate the great Gordie Howe. Here are some of his amazing accomplishments.
    • Played 25 years, 1767 games for the Detroit Red Wings.
    • Played 6 years in the WHA and then 1 season, at the age of 52, with Hartford in the NHL.
    • Won 6 Hart Trophies as League MVP and 6 Art Ross for leading the league in scoring.
    • Was as tough as they came. Gordie was a ferocious competitor and would get players back (often with his elbow) that went along with his amazing skill and hockey sense.
    • Total professional career: 32 years, 2186 games, 975 goals, 2358 points, 2085 penalty minutes.

  4. #PlayoffHockeyIsTheBest_NuffSaid

  5. Dan Boyle after the win in LA. “That was a crazy game, man. Down three-one we battled back. They got another one, we took the lead. It was a pretty entertaining game for the fans and it was a hard fought win. We showed a lot of character.”
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.30.2012 / 12:31 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. I love the way Joe Pavelski plays the game of hockey. In the Sharks last four victories (Nashville, Detroit, Boston and Colorado) he has been the 1st star twice and the 2nd star twice. For good measure, he was also a star in the loss in Anaheim. The Big Pavelski uses all of his abilities to the utmost, and when the games are important, he finds a way to elevate his play. Pavelski competes every shift, plays for his teammates, and is about as selfless a player as you can get.

  2. I covered all the mirrors in my home because I’m ashamed to look at myself. Why you ask? Because in the past few weeks I have been cheering for teams that I would never in my wildest dream cheer for, including: Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and, if you can believe it, Vancouver.

  3. When Florida makes the playoffs they will end a 10-year postseason drought. So the dubious honors of “team that last made the playoffs” goes to the center of the hockey world, aka the Toronto Maple Leafs. The last time the Leafs made the playoffs was the 2003-04 season.

    Only 232 miles separates Toronto and Detroit, but they are a lot further apart when it comes to hockey organizations. Both are Original 6 teams, but while one has lost 20 of 25 games and will miss the playoffs for the 7th consecutive season the other will be in the playoffs for the 21st straight year.
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.23.2012 / 3:25 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Sharks alternate captain Ryane Clowe, who had a three-point night against Anaheim on March 19, is someone to watch during the final stretch of the regular season and in the playoffs. Clowe is tough, mean, strong and has good hands and vision for a big guy. He makes others better just by his presence on the ice. This is his time of year!
    #BeastOfBurden  #UnderMyThumb

  2. Hope you are enjoying the roller coaster ride. If it’s not keeping you interested, then you aren’t paying attention. Here is what the Sharks have done in just the last two weeks, going back to March 10:


    #ICan’tGetNo_Satisfaction  #FlipTheSwitch

  3. On Thursday night, the Sharks held a 1-0 lead against the Bruins after the first period, but it was only the 18th time this year San Jose has led after the 1st. Based on the stats below, let’s hope this trend continues. Here are the top and bottom teams in regards to having leads after the 1st period (NHL standings based on points percentage):

    1. STL - 32 (2nd)
    2. VAN - 31 (4th)
    3. DET - 30 (6th)
    4. PIT - 29 (3rd)
    T5. PHI - 28 (5th)
    T5. BUF - 28 (20th)

    T25. EDM - 20 (29th)
    T25. FLA - 20 (11th)
    27. MIN - 19 (25th)
    T28. TBL - 18 (23rd)
    T28. SJS - 18 (16th)
    30. CBJ - 15 (30th)
    #StartMeUp  #JumpinJackFlash
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.16.2012 / 2:37 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Speaking of Logan Couture... Congrats on back-to-back 30-goal seasons, in your first two full seasons in the NHL, a first in Sharks franchise history.

  2. Speaking of 'The Kid'... It’s great for Pittsburgh, the NHL and the game of hockey to have Sid the Kid back playing. I just hope he stays healthy for the rest of the regular and postseason.

    One of the reasons Pittsburgh has reeled off 10 straight wins is the play of MVP candidate Evgeni Malkin, who had this to say after his team recently beat Boston: "I not think about my points now, the season continues and playoffs come soon."

  3. Speaking of Boston... The Bruins are struggling as they are 2-6-0 in their last eight games, 3-8-0 in March after a very mediocre 5-7-1 record in February. As a matter of fact, the four teams who made it to the Conference Finals last year haven’t exactly fared well in March. Vancouver is 2-4-0, Tampa Bay is 3-3-1 and San Jose is 2-3-3. The four teams combined records for March is 10-16-4.

  4. Speaking of scoring while your team struggles... Since the beginning of February the Sharks have scored 54 goals. Joe Thornton has 26 points so he has been in on 48.1% of the Sharks goals in the last 6 weeks.

    Thornton had multi-point efforts in three games of the recent four-game road trip with three assists in Dallas, a goal and assist in Edmonton and a pair of assists in Calgary. The Sharks captain has been in on eight of the nine goals over the past five games.
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.9.2012 / 8:58 AM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The Sharks, more than any other team in the Pacific Division, control their destiny to win the Division. Why? Because the Sharks have twice as many divisional games left compared to the other teams – so if they do well in those games they should be in a solid position to finish 3rd in the Western Conference. Here are each team’s Pacific Division records and how many divisional games they have left this year.

    ANA 8-9-2, 5 games left (2 vs SJ)
    DAL 10-9-1, 4 games left (2 vs SJ)
    LAK 11-4-5, 4 games left (3 vs SJ)
    PHX 10-6-3, 5 games left (3 vs SJ)
    SJS 7-6-1, 10 games left (4 at home, 6 on the road)

  2. Excuses like not scoring and injuries are just that … excuses. In the NHL you have to find a way to win. The Blues average 2.54 goals per-game, which is tied for 19th in the NHL, but are 1st in the West with 91 points. While the Sharks would like to score more (who wouldn’t) they are still 12th in NHL in goals/game with an average of 2.69.

    The Penguins have 308 total man-games lost this year but are in 4th place with 85 points in the East. As a matter of fact, there are only 3 teams with less man-games lost than the Sharks, and they are the Bruins (71), Blackhawks (100) and Predators (120). The Sharks with 122 man-games lost to injury, have less than half than 11 teams including the Blues (268), Panthers (291), Flyers (306) and Jets (245) who are currently in the playoffs.

  3. Special Teams are important, the question is how important are they?

    • Montreal has the best PK in the league and is in 15th place in the East.
    • Edmonton has the best PP in the league and is in 29th place in the overall standings.
    • The NY Rangers have the 29th best PP, or 2nd worst in the league. They are in 1st place in the East with 91 points.
    • Ottawa, Philly, Winnipeg, Florida, Chicago and San Jose are all in the bottom 10 in PK in the league and all are in position to make the playoffs.
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.2.2012 / 12:47 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. So after the 2-6-1 road trip the Sharks, to a man, said they had to play better defensively. So they give up one goal in the following two home games and still only get 2 points. It’s playoff hockey time folks, and Ryan Miller reminded us he is one of the best goaltenders in the world when he’s on his game.

  2. Since the All-Star break, the Sharks have struggled going 6-9-1. But it’s not because of lack of leadership from Captain Joe Thornton. In the past 16 games, Jumbo has 21 points (six goals, 15 assists) and is a plus-3.

  3. It’s official, concussions are now an epidemic in the NHL this year. It’s bad enough that Jonathan Toews and Kris Letang are now out with concussions, but Todd McLellan became the second coach this year to get a concussion and miss games because of it.
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POSTED ON Thursday, 02.23.2012 / 10:29 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The stats don't lie. Scoring first continues to be very important in the outcome of games. The Sharks are 21-4-2 and 5th in the NHL with a .778 win percentage when they score first. In 896 NHL games to date, the team that scores first has a record of 604-188-104.

    67.4% win the game
    79.01% get at least a point

  2. Slumps, while not fun, are important in the grand scheme of things. Slumps force a team to sit down and evaluate where they are, make everyone accountable, get everyone on the same page and ultimately gives the players an opportunity to respond. The Sharks used the Columbus loss to respond and they did so in impressive fashion with the 2-1 win over Toronto.

  3. Well Jeff Carter got what he wanted … out of Columbus. He never engaged the organization or community and BlueJacket fans will be better off with Jack Johnson on the roster. As for Carter, I don’t think they’ll miss him.

  4. The Washington Capitals are 5-9-3 in their last 17 games and are currently in 10th place in the Eastern Conference. Alex Ovechkin is tied for 18th spot in the league with 24 goals, which is remarkable in that it didn't seem that long ago most hockey fans thought he was a shoe in for 50 goals a year. In 07/08 he scored 65, followed by seasons with 56 and 50 before dropping to 32 last year.

  5. The day after the 6-3 loss to Columbus, Joe Pavelski commented on how the team would get out of this slump. “It’s going to be tough to get out of this. We’re going to win a game 2-1 or 1-0 and it’s going to be one of those tight ones where somebody steps up and finds a way. You never quite know who it’s going to be, so that’s why we need everybody.”
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.17.2012 / 10:14 AM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Joe Thornton, with his three assists against Washington, has now had three or more assists in a game 49 times in his career. That’s second among active players, with only Jaromir Jagr with 56, having done it more.

  2. Speaking of Joe, how about The Big Pavelski. In the 7 games prior to the Tampa game, Pavs has 5 goals, 5 assists, is +2 and has 26 shots. How important is Pavelski – check out these impressive stats:

    61.9 Faceoff % - 1st NHL
    22 Goals – T 21st NHL
    Plus 15 – T 21st NHL Forwards
    52 Takeaways – T 9th NHL
    55 Blocked Shots – T 9th NHL Forwards
    Road stats: 26 games, 11 goals, 13 assists, 24 points, +14

  3. The Sharks victory on Oct. 28 was important at the time, but looking back it’s downright impressive. That night the Sharks beat Detroit -- in Detroit no less -- by the score of 4-2. It was only one of two regulation losses the Wings have had all season at The Joe. The other was on Nov. 3 to Calgary. Since then they have set a new NHL record by winning 21 straight home games.

  4. Here is how the Sharks have fared this year when:

    Giving up 2 or less Goals. 29 times, 24-4-1, .845 points percentage
    Giving up 3 or more Goals, 25 times, 6-13-6, .360 points percentage
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.10.2012 / 1:08 PM PT
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The Sharks have seven games remaining against Eastern Conference teams, including four on the upcoming road trip. Here is how the Sharks have fared this year and the previous three seasons against the East and how their record ranks among Western Conference teams:

    2011-12: 8-3-0, 3rd (STL 11-0-2; COL 10-2-0)
    2010-11: 9-8-1, 12th
    2009-10: 12-4-2, T-2nd
    2008-09: 12-3-3, 1st

  2. It's that time of year to focus on the special teams trends instead of the percentage for the entire year. The Sharks PP success and PK struggles back in October are really irrelevant right now. Here are the totals for 5-game segments for the past 25 games:

    Last 5 PP: 5-13, 38.5%; PK: 8-10, 80.0%
    Last 10 PP: 7-24, 29.2%; PK: 17-20, 85.0%
    Last 15 PP: 11-42, 25.0%; PK: 24-28, 85.7%
    Last 20 PP: 12-60, 20.0%; PK: 40-47, 85.1%
    Last 25 PP: 16-75, 21.3%; PK: 51-61, 83.6%

  3. St. Louis started the season 6-7-0 before making a coaching change. Since then the Blues are 26-7-7 and one of the most impressive teams in the NHL. Sunday’s game against the Blues, who are 2-0-0 against the Sharks this year and 22-3-4 at home, should have a playoff feel to it.

  4. When I analyze a hockey player I consider the following five attributes: compete level, hockey sense, skating, puck skills and size.
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1 y - ANA 82 46 25 11 218 192 103
2 x - LAK 82 48 28 6 225 195 102
3 x - SJS 82 46 30 6 241 210 98
4 ARI 82 35 39 8 209 245 78
5 CGY 82 35 40 7 231 260 77
6 VAN 82 31 38 13 191 243 75
7 EDM 82 31 43 8 203 245 70


J. Thornton 82 19 63 25 82
J. Pavelski 82 38 40 25 78
B. Burns 82 27 48 -5 75
P. Marleau 82 25 23 -22 48
T. Hertl 81 21 25 16 46
J. Ward 79 21 22 -15 43
M. Vlasic 67 8 31 15 39
L. Couture 52 15 21 2 36
J. Donskoi 76 11 25 4 36
J. Braun 80 4 19 11 23
M. Jones 37 23 4 .918 2.27
A. Stalock 3 5 2 .884 2.94
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