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POSTED ON Friday, 03.09.2012 / 11:58 AM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The Sharks, more than any other team in the Pacific Division, control their destiny to win the Division. Why? Because the Sharks have twice as many divisional games left compared to the other teams – so if they do well in those games they should be in a solid position to finish 3rd in the Western Conference. Here are each team’s Pacific Division records and how many divisional games they have left this year.

    ANA 8-9-2, 5 games left (2 vs SJ)
    DAL 10-9-1, 4 games left (2 vs SJ)
    LAK 11-4-5, 4 games left (3 vs SJ)
    PHX 10-6-3, 5 games left (3 vs SJ)
    SJS 7-6-1, 10 games left (4 at home, 6 on the road)

  2. Excuses like not scoring and injuries are just that … excuses. In the NHL you have to find a way to win. The Blues average 2.54 goals per-game, which is tied for 19th in the NHL, but are 1st in the West with 91 points. While the Sharks would like to score more (who wouldn’t) they are still 12th in NHL in goals/game with an average of 2.69.

    The Penguins have 308 total man-games lost this year but are in 4th place with 85 points in the East. As a matter of fact, there are only 3 teams with less man-games lost than the Sharks, and they are the Bruins (71), Blackhawks (100) and Predators (120). The Sharks with 122 man-games lost to injury, have less than half than 11 teams including the Blues (268), Panthers (291), Flyers (306) and Jets (245) who are currently in the playoffs.

  3. Special Teams are important, the question is how important are they?

    • Montreal has the best PK in the league and is in 15th place in the East.
    • Edmonton has the best PP in the league and is in 29th place in the overall standings.
    • The NY Rangers have the 29th best PP, or 2nd worst in the league. They are in 1st place in the East with 91 points.
    • Ottawa, Philly, Winnipeg, Florida, Chicago and San Jose are all in the bottom 10 in PK in the league and all are in position to make the playoffs.
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POSTED ON Friday, 03.02.2012 / 3:47 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. So after the 2-6-1 road trip the Sharks, to a man, said they had to play better defensively. So they give up one goal in the following two home games and still only get 2 points. It’s playoff hockey time folks, and Ryan Miller reminded us he is one of the best goaltenders in the world when he’s on his game.

  2. Since the All-Star break, the Sharks have struggled going 6-9-1. But it’s not because of lack of leadership from Captain Joe Thornton. In the past 16 games, Jumbo has 21 points (six goals, 15 assists) and is a plus-3.

  3. It’s official, concussions are now an epidemic in the NHL this year. It’s bad enough that Jonathan Toews and Kris Letang are now out with concussions, but Todd McLellan became the second coach this year to get a concussion and miss games because of it.
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.24.2012 / 1:29 AM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The stats don't lie. Scoring first continues to be very important in the outcome of games. The Sharks are 21-4-2 and 5th in the NHL with a .778 win percentage when they score first. In 896 NHL games to date, the team that scores first has a record of 604-188-104.

    67.4% win the game
    79.01% get at least a point

  2. Slumps, while not fun, are important in the grand scheme of things. Slumps force a team to sit down and evaluate where they are, make everyone accountable, get everyone on the same page and ultimately gives the players an opportunity to respond. The Sharks used the Columbus loss to respond and they did so in impressive fashion with the 2-1 win over Toronto.

  3. Well Jeff Carter got what he wanted … out of Columbus. He never engaged the organization or community and BlueJacket fans will be better off with Jack Johnson on the roster. As for Carter, I don’t think they’ll miss him.

  4. The Washington Capitals are 5-9-3 in their last 17 games and are currently in 10th place in the Eastern Conference. Alex Ovechkin is tied for 18th spot in the league with 24 goals, which is remarkable in that it didn't seem that long ago most hockey fans thought he was a shoe in for 50 goals a year. In 07/08 he scored 65, followed by seasons with 56 and 50 before dropping to 32 last year.

  5. The day after the 6-3 loss to Columbus, Joe Pavelski commented on how the team would get out of this slump. “It’s going to be tough to get out of this. We’re going to win a game 2-1 or 1-0 and it’s going to be one of those tight ones where somebody steps up and finds a way. You never quite know who it’s going to be, so that’s why we need everybody.”
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.17.2012 / 1:14 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Joe Thornton, with his three assists against Washington, has now had three or more assists in a game 49 times in his career. That’s second among active players, with only Jaromir Jagr with 56, having done it more.

  2. Speaking of Joe, how about The Big Pavelski. In the 7 games prior to the Tampa game, Pavs has 5 goals, 5 assists, is +2 and has 26 shots. How important is Pavelski – check out these impressive stats:

    61.9 Faceoff % - 1st NHL
    22 Goals – T 21st NHL
    Plus 15 – T 21st NHL Forwards
    52 Takeaways – T 9th NHL
    55 Blocked Shots – T 9th NHL Forwards
    Road stats: 26 games, 11 goals, 13 assists, 24 points, +14

  3. The Sharks victory on Oct. 28 was important at the time, but looking back it’s downright impressive. That night the Sharks beat Detroit -- in Detroit no less -- by the score of 4-2. It was only one of two regulation losses the Wings have had all season at The Joe. The other was on Nov. 3 to Calgary. Since then they have set a new NHL record by winning 21 straight home games.

  4. Here is how the Sharks have fared this year when:

    Giving up 2 or less Goals. 29 times, 24-4-1, .845 points percentage
    Giving up 3 or more Goals, 25 times, 6-13-6, .360 points percentage
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.10.2012 / 4:08 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The Sharks have seven games remaining against Eastern Conference teams, including four on the upcoming road trip. Here is how the Sharks have fared this year and the previous three seasons against the East and how their record ranks among Western Conference teams:

    2011-12: 8-3-0, 3rd (STL 11-0-2; COL 10-2-0)
    2010-11: 9-8-1, 12th
    2009-10: 12-4-2, T-2nd
    2008-09: 12-3-3, 1st

  2. It's that time of year to focus on the special teams trends instead of the percentage for the entire year. The Sharks PP success and PK struggles back in October are really irrelevant right now. Here are the totals for 5-game segments for the past 25 games:

    Last 5 PP: 5-13, 38.5%; PK: 8-10, 80.0%
    Last 10 PP: 7-24, 29.2%; PK: 17-20, 85.0%
    Last 15 PP: 11-42, 25.0%; PK: 24-28, 85.7%
    Last 20 PP: 12-60, 20.0%; PK: 40-47, 85.1%
    Last 25 PP: 16-75, 21.3%; PK: 51-61, 83.6%

  3. St. Louis started the season 6-7-0 before making a coaching change. Since then the Blues are 26-7-7 and one of the most impressive teams in the NHL. Sunday’s game against the Blues, who are 2-0-0 against the Sharks this year and 22-3-4 at home, should have a playoff feel to it.

  4. When I analyze a hockey player I consider the following five attributes: compete level, hockey sense, skating, puck skills and size.
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POSTED ON Friday, 02.03.2012 / 11:28 AM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The Sharks are definitely ready for the stretch run and playoff hockey based on the number of 1-goal games they have played in this year. Heading into the Columbus game, 17 of the previous 22 games where decided by 1-goal. The Sharks record for 1-goal games this year is 13-8-6. While the record is important, it's the experience of being in close games that is needed, especially in the playoffs. In a seven game series, it's the team that finds a way to win the 1-goal games that usually wins the series.

  2. Congrats to Dan Boyle on playing in his 800th NHL game this past week. Boyler has beaten the odds because many people never thought he would make the NHL, let alone be a key contributor to winning the Stanley Cup and playing 800 games. Here are Dan's answers to:

    • Biggest obstacle to making the NHL? "People believing in me, especially because of my size"
    • Biggest influence? "My dad and Bill Davich (broadcaster with the BlueJackets) who convinced Florida to sign me"
    • Favorite player growing up? "Brian Leetch"
  3. #SometimesYouJustNeedSomeoneToBelieveInYou

  4. Congrats to Brent Burns on playing in his 500th NHL game this past week. Burns converted to defense when he turned pro, has played in one All-Star game and is the type of player that contributes in many ways and all situations. Here are Brent's answers to:

    • Biggest obstacle to making the NHL? "Having confidence, realizing I was good enough to play in this league"
    • Biggest Influence? "My dad"
    • Favorite player growing up? "Mark Messier and Steve Yzerman"
  5. #WatchBurnsFlourishAsHeHasGainedConfidenceAdjustingToSharkHockey

  6. Congrats to Douglas Murray on playing in this 400th NHL game this past week. The 'Crankshaft' is big, strong and very smart. It's not easy having the body of a middle linebacker trying to make the NHL in an age that better suits a smaller, faster player. Here are Douglas' answers to:

    • Biggest obstacle to making the NHL? "Skating"
    • Biggest influence? - "My grandfather"
    • Favorite player growing up? "Marcus Ragnuson (who used to play for the Sharks) and Scott Stevens"
  7. #ThereIsn'tAPlayerInTheLeagueThatWouldn'tWantTheCrankshaftOnTheirTeam

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POSTED ON Friday, 01.27.2012 / 3:00 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. The All-Star Game is in my hometown of Ottawa and one of the great joys of an Ottawa winter is skating on the Ottawa Canal; The longest skating rink in the world. Click on the photo above to get a glimpse.

  2. March 20, April 5 and April 7. Mark those dates! They are the last 3 games between the Sharks and Kings.

  3. Todd McLellan who is in Ottawa representing the Western Conference as a coach in the All-Star Game just gets it. Just getting it meaning understanding hockey from a technical and tactical standpoint. His best asset aside from his incredible preparation is his ability to communicate and deal with people.

    • 179-77-37 Regular Season with San Jose
    • Sharks have been to the Conference Finals 3 times in their history, twice with McLellan
    • Won the Stanley Cup as an Assistant Coach in Detroit
    • Won the 2003 Calder Cup with Houston as the Head Coach

  4. Last year at the All-Star break, how many people picked Boston to win the Stanley Cup?

  5. Pavelski on the difference of losing to Vancouver in regulation or Edmonton in the Shootout, “A loss is a loss and it hurts either way.”
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POSTED ON Friday, 01.20.2012 / 3:01 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Hidden behind the two big trades with Minnesota this past summer were the acquisitions of Michal Handzus and Brad Winchester. Both have added tremendous depth to the Sharks roster, are built for the long grind of the playoffs because of their size and both have chipped in offensively.

    Handzus is a pro, especially the way he prepares for practices and games. In his four years in Los Angeles, he missed only one regular season game. Handzus, who has played 886 career NHL games, has chipped in 17 points this year, is plus-2 and has tremendous hockey sense. He's fun to do an iso-cam on, where you just watch one player for a shift, because he's never out of position.

  2. Brad Winchester has chipped in six goals this year and also provides tremendous leadership. All season long he has sat down with his linemates the day after each game and broken down video. Brett Heimlich is a video coach for the Sharks and he puts together all of the shifts of the Sharks fourth line and gives it to Winchester.

    Brad then sits down -- most of the year it's been with Andrew Desjardins and Andrew Murray -- and they go over things like forechecks (i.e. first man in forcing to one side), D-zone responsibilities (i.e. switches) and any other positional or situational event that happened during the previous game.

  3. At 32 years old, Patty Marleau hasn't slowed down and his importance and value to the team can be seen in how he fares when the Sharks win or lose:

    In 26 wins: 14 goals, 17 assists for 31 points, +17
    In 18 losses: 3 goals, 2 assists for 5 points, -7
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POSTED ON Friday, 01.13.2012 / 12:55 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Through games played on Thursday, Jan. 12, the top five teams in the NHL based on points percentage are:

    1. Boston .713
    2. NY Rangers .707
    3. Philadelphia .667
    4. San Jose .663
    5. Vancouver .656

  2. Last year the Pacific Division was the best division in hockey with four teams making the playoffs (would have been all five teams had Dallas won their 82nd game on the final day of the season). This year the Atlantic will be fun to watch down the stretch, but the Central is going to be a wild race to see who ends on top and gets a guaranteed Top 3 seed in the West. The next four teams from a points percentage standpoint are from the Central Division:

    6. St. Louis .651
    7. Chicago .648
    8. Detroit .640
    9. Nashville .605
    10. Ottawa .600

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POSTED ON Friday, 01.06.2012 / 4:33 PM
By Jamie Baker - Sharks Broadcaster / The Daily Chomp

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. I expect one of the Big Six to represent the West in the Stanley Cup this upcoming June. Here is how these teams have fared against each other so far in head-to-head matchups this season.

    San Jose - 6-4-2, 58.3% (2-0-0 vs DET and 1-1-1 vs VAN)
    St. Louis - 7-5-0, 58.3% (Five of the games ended in shutouts, 3W's and 2L's)
    Chicago - 5-4-0, 55.5% (Have five games remaining against DET, currently 1-0 against them)
    Los Angeles - 5-5-1, 50.0% (2-0-1 with Sutter as Head Coach)
    Vancouver - 5-5-1, 50.0% (1-1 against CHI, DET, LA; 2-0-1 vs SJ and 0-2-0 vs STL)
    Detroit - 5-6-0, 45.5% (0-2-0 against nemesis Sharks, but 2-0 against LA)


  2. The Sharks victory at Joe Louis Arena earlier this year (4-2 W on Oct. 28) is looking more and more impressive. The Red Wings have won 12 straight home games (14-2-1 for the year), all in regulation and are outscoring opponents 57-17 in that span (yes, 57-17, it's not a typo). Their only other home loss in regulation this year came at the hands of the Flames and they lost in OT to Minnesota.

  3. Vancouver leads the NHL in points by defensemen with 99. The rest of the top five in the NHL are: Toronto (98), Ottawa (97), Florida (93) and Colorado (89). The Sharks currently rank 21st with 66 points by their defensemen, however I can see the Sharks D moving up in this category based on recent play. The defense has had a point on 11 of the 19 Sharks goals in the past seven games. Boyle is playing with more confidence while Burns is showing that's he more comfortable with the new system and teammates - it's takes time. Braun and Demers have picked up some points lately too.
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1 ANA 35 22 8 5 101 96 49
2 CHI 33 22 9 2 102 67 46
3 STL 33 21 9 3 100 81 45
4 NSH 31 21 8 2 87 64 44
5 SJS 34 19 11 4 97 87 42
6 VAN 32 19 11 2 92 90 40
7 WPG 33 17 10 6 80 76 40
8 LAK 34 17 11 6 94 84 40
9 CGY 35 17 15 3 100 95 37
10 MIN 31 16 12 3 91 84 35
11 DAL 31 13 13 5 89 104 31
12 COL 32 11 13 8 83 100 30
13 ARI 32 11 17 4 74 104 26
14 EDM 33 7 20 6 69 110 20


L. Couture 34 13 16 4 29
J. Thornton 34 8 21 2 29
J. Pavelski 34 15 13 5 28
P. Marleau 34 7 20 -1 27
B. Burns 34 10 16 -2 26
T. Wingels 34 9 14 1 23
T. Hertl 34 7 7 -3 14
J. Braun 34 1 12 7 13
M. Vlasic 33 4 6 12 10
J. Sheppard 28 4 6 0 10
A. Stalock 4 3 1 .926 2.12
A. Niemi 14 7 3 .917 2.42
Image Map